Remote Learning Starter Kit
Remote Learning Preparatory Kit

We know that as educators you are well prepared for all eventualities. But the scale of the coronavirus outbreak is something we have not encountered before, so we've put together this kit to help you ensure learning is not disrupted.



Ensure continuous learning

To get started, here are some resources that will help you implement remote learning with minimal disruption.

What are the key steps toward remote learning you can take if your school is closed?

  1. Use mass messaging to immediately alert stakeholders
  2. Use the Planner as the central hub for lessons and activities
  3. Keep lessons short and engaging with audio and video instruction
  1. Library has millions of free, standards-aligned resources
  2. Monitor student progress and engagement through 360° Reports

Remote Learning – Expert Insights

itslearning Customer Success Manager Rachel Riggio has implemented online learning for many schools in the US. She walks you through the set-up and what to consider to ensure online learning is done quickly and smoothly.

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Special thanks to Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation for generously sharing their Resources Package, which you will find in the handout.

eBook: eLearning Days

Preparation is key

Tips and insights from teachers and schools that have implemented online learning to ensure that learning continues during school closures. Although these tips are for winter weather cancellations, they can be applied to any other reason for schools being closed.

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More resources for teachers

Plans in itslearning is a great tool for creating a central hub for regular lessons. Start here to build your remote learning days.

Tips for teachers

Need help?

Join these remote learning webinars for tips to get the most from itslearning.

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