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Using itslearning with Google Classroom to Centralize Digital Curriculum

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With teachers storing their digital curriculum tools in dozens of different platforms, Spring Branch Independent School District (ISD) in Houston, Texas was losing efficiency between classrooms and schools. Digital content was scattered all over the place––from Edmodo to WordPress to Google Classroom––with no central hub for everyone to access and collaborate on.

Spring Branch knew that the solution would need to replace the differing digital tools with one central hub, allow teachers to continue to use one of the more popular tools, Google Classroom, and centralize the remainder of curriculum resources onto a single enterprise platform. With this in mind, the district began using the itslearning LMS to connect students, teachers and administrators and all of their important learning content on one central platform.

Now, teachers are able to use their favorite Google Classroom productivity tools via a direct integration with itslearning. When teachers use the itslearning LMS, much of the experience is already familiar, thanks to the partnership with Google for Education. 

For students, engagement, communication and collaboration is simplified with the LMS and Google Classroom integration, enabling more efficient creation and submission of both individual and group assignments. Teachers also use the LMS to track student progress, show mastery and help students understand which lessons they may need to revisit. 

While Google Classroom helps to make classroom workflows easier, when combined through one login with the itslearning LMS, Spring Branch ISD also gained access to standards-aligned content, robust assessment tools and instant access to standards aligned progress and performance data that simplifies teaching and enhances learning. 

“The integration of Google and itslearning helps break down a lot of barriers with teachers that were Google Classroom holdouts,” says Krystal Weiss, Educational Facilitator for the district. “Teachers are more likely to adopt new technology if they’re working in a space that they’re comfortable in, and not having to figure it all out.”

To learn more about how Spring Branch used itslearning with Google Classroom to centralize digital curriculum, check out the itslearning Spring Branch Case Study.