A Universe of Brilliant Content

Five million OERs in one platform.

Unlimited possibilities.

Our LMS includes 5 million quality open educational resources (OER).

This vast and varied library creates infinite ways to engage students in their learning. Resources are carefully curated and aligned to standards. And, since they are fully tagged, they are are easy to discover and use. Teachers can quickly find safe and effective content and directly add it to courses and personalized lessons.

A powerful pairing.

itslearning users have access to the world’s best OERs directly within the learning management system, making it a singular hub for all things curriculum and instruction.

The highest quality content.

Only the best resources make the cut. Expertly curated from primary sources like Pearson Education, NASA and The Smithsonian.


Aligned to standards.

Resources are pre-aligned to standards so lessons connect to learning objectives.

We're just beginning. Millions of additional resources are on the way.

Thoroughly tagged.

Resources are enriched with 17 meta data fields. This allows instant searching by grade, learning objective, resource format, subject, and more.

Improve student engagement. Increase district performance. Reduce spend on instructional materials.

One unified library.

Of course, many districts create their own resources and use those provided by publishers.  In itslearning, a single search discovers the perfect content, regardless of its source – district libraries, publisher collections, or OERs.

itslearning + OER = a world of difference


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