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How To Pages

Step-by-step tips, interactive demos, and product videos for teachers

Check out these instructional pages, interactive demos, and informative videos.

Step-by-Step Tips

Detailed “How To” pages exploring topics such as finding resources, creating and administering assignments and assessments, providing feedback to learners, and grading

Informative Videos

Creating an Assignment

Using the Library

The itslearning library comes pre-stocked with millions of curated resources. In this video, you’ll learn how to search, filter and add resources to your collection.

Publishing to the Library

The itslearning library is not just a one-way street. In addition to finding resources from thousands of publishers, teachers can also publish their own resources that can be used by their schools or the itslearning community at large.


itslearning’s guided onboarding system makes getting started in the platform a cinch. Here’s how you can get up and running within just minutes.

Assigning Homework

Make sure your lessons stick by assigning homework in itslearning. This video will walk you through how to create, share and grade take-home assignments.

Creating a Group Assignment

Collaboration is a cornerstone of learning, and itslearning can help. In this video, you’ll learn how to create group projects for your students.

Viewing Progress Reports

Stay up to date on your students’ progress with customizable reports from itslearning. Watch this video to learn more.

Using the Planner

Planning is a vital part of teaching. When it comes to outlining your goals for the term, itslearning has you covered. Watch this video to learn more!

Instructional Click-Through Demos

Clickable interactive demos so you can walk through various tasks, step-by-step

Create a test


Add questions to a test


View feedback


Grade assignment


Test security


View Reports