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Engaging Students with the Right Edtech

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Teacher engaging students by using an LMSWhen choosing the best edtech for your school or district, one of the most important considerations is whether the technology will be successful in engaging students. It can be a challenge to keep students engaged, but maintaining students’ interest and focus all year long is important to their long-term success. By using an enterprise-level learning management system (LMS), school districts can effectively address low student engagement while also offering a personalized learning environment and supporting pedagogy. 

The Importance of Student Engagement

Engaging students is a key factor in promoting their learning and achievement. Research has found an important link between student engagement and learning, including a correlation with persistence, satisfaction and academic achievement. Students who are motivated to learn are able to succeed in a variety of environments, making it possible for them to succeed as they work their way through new grade levels, college and careers. Student engagement also helps to prevent students from dropping out, with research showing that engaged students earn higher grades, perform better on tests, can set and meet personal goals, and value educational success.

The Smart Use of Technology

With the goal of engaging students, many K-12 districts have adopted technology policies centered on adding equipment, applications, and software to the classroom, but many of these policies don’t consider how the educational technology impacts curriculum, pedagogy, and personalized learning. In fact, research shows the lack of correlation between computers and learning. Many edtech solutions are designed to be managed by IT administrators, leaving gaps in teacher functionality and student engagement. With an LMS like itslearning, schools can more effectively integrate technology into the classroom in a way that facilitates personalized learning and enhances student engagement, regardless of what devices are being used.

The Right LMS for District-wide Engagement

Engaging students should be a district-wide initiative, encompassing all students and effectively supporting their engagement all day long, both during and outside of school hours. Effectively supporting such a broad initiative requires a technology platform that not only centralizes curriculum management and communication, but also helps improve pedagogy while giving students ownership of their learning. The itslearning LMS provides a solid support structure for these engagement initiatives by allowing K-12 institutions to mass-personalize instruction for each student, district-wide. 

Enabling Teachers to Engage Students

Designed for teachers and how they want to teach, the itslearning platform connects teachers, students, parents and school leaders, both in and outside of the classroom. It gives teachers countless ways to create engaging lessons and resources, makes sharing materials easy, and automates routine tasks so teachers have more time to focus on their students. This helps to enhance student engagement and allows students to learn within a flexible, personalized environment that individual pieces of technology or manual processes simply can’t match.

To learn more about engaging students and read the stories of several schools who successfully used itslearning to promote student engagement, visit the Student Engagement eBook.