Forsyth County Schools Case Study

Large Georgia School District Uses its LMS to Create a Cohesive, Dedicated Approach to Personalized, Differentiated Learning

When Forsyth County Schools introduced its teachers to blended and flipped learning four years ago, the district was quick to point out that the new models wouldn’t replace those instructors or usurp their day-to-day classroom activities. Instead, these new pedagogies would support what those instructors were already doing in the classroom and help them deliver a more personalized, differentiated learning experience to students.

Forsyth County Schools’ LMS has also helped the district replace the notion of a “school day” with “anytime learning”—a goal that was accomplished by implementing a platform that students, teachers, and parents can access anytime and from anywhere. Many of the district’s teachers use the LMS to facilitate personalized learning with pathways and with showing students the materials that would actually help them with remediation or enrichment.

Review their case study and read through some of our other customer successes to see how your district can benefit from the expertise of itslearning too.


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