Rockdale County Case Study

LMS Becomes District Hub for 1:1 Instructional Support, Curricular Planning, and Professional Development

When Rockdale County Public Schools near Atlanta moved to a 1:1 model, an external audit showed that a robust LMS would help the new program live up to its full potential. They chose itslearning’s LMS Solution. In addition to facilitating the workflow of assigning tasks, reviewing student work, and providing instant feedback, itslearning serves as a center for educator communication, curricular planning, collaboration, and training.

Just as the system groups students according to their courses or interests, so too can educators form groups according to their roles. For example, all the district principals belong to a principals group, which enables them to conduct group meetings, share documents, be assigned tasks, and share that work − all within the system.

Review their case study and read through some of our other customer successes to see how your district can benefit from the expertise of itslearning too.


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