DeKalb County Public Schools Case Study

From Student Learning Objective Assessments to Blended Learning Tool

The DeKalb County school District has six learning management systems across the district, which created an inefficient process for content area coordinators and other district-level personnel. They decided to find an LMS they could use throughout the entire district. The selection committee opted for itslearning, partly because they heard such good things about the implementation process. Smooth transitions, great functionality, and great integration with other education programs all counted in the decision.

The district acclimatized all teachers by having them deliver student learning objectives (SLOs) assessments in the system. Now, an early adopter group of almost 750 teachers is trying out the platform’s capabilities as a blended learning tool. Download this case study to learn the other steps DeKalb County took to ensure the success of their implementation and then find out how other school districts worked with itslearning for smooth implementations.


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