itslearning Overview

Our Teaching and Learning Solutions Overview

Teachers and students are always striving to do better and more efficient work: that’s why itslearning is too. What started nearly 20 years ago as a handy way to share course information has blossomed into a complete educational hub. Improvement is a continuous process, and we’re never quite done enhancing what it means to use itslearning.

In 1998, a group of students at Bergen University College asked themselves a simple question: Why were digital tools rarely being used to teach at their school? Being ambitious computer engineers, they decided to change that. For their master’s project, they built a learning management system. A single place where teachers could share educational resources and files, and students could complete and hand-in assignments. It was a hit. The next year, itslearning was born and Bergen University College became its first customer.

We like to think big. Our vision is that effective use of technology can vastly improve the world of education. Since 1999, our mission has been to make the world’s best teaching and learning solutions for schools.

This overview of the itslearning LMS will introduce you to our teaching and learning solutions.

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