Building a Data-Informed Digital Ecosystem for Educational Equity – Whitepaper

See How Technology Can Help Facilitate Equity in Education

Technology has the potential to create equity in education where all students have access to the resources each of them needs for post-graduation success. A primary benefit of integrating technology into the K-12 curriculum is that it facilitates data-driven decision making. Educators can now use student performance data to personalize learning and improve academic outcomes.

Benefits of digital learning include increased student engagement, the ability to personalize learning and intervention for struggling students. In addition, the ability to use a variety of resources, including digital materials and devices, to investigate, problem-solve, and think critically and creatively, helps students gain a foundation of skills and knowledge for 21st century success.

However, transitioning to digital learning creates unique management challenges for districts. These challenges often begin with multiple platforms for curriculum planning, instructional practice, and assessment that overwhelm teachers and district administrators.

Read how itslearning essentially connects the dots for districts that are looking for a learning management system for curriculum management and to provide advanced reporting for teachers and administrators to impact instruction and learning for the better.

For more information on how itslearning thinks how technology can facillitate equity, read our whitepaper on “Curriculum + Technology = Equity.”


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