The Blended Classroom Whitepaper

How teachers can use blended classroom learning to make visible learning possible.

This whitepaper aims to lay out some of the possibilities offered by technology. It shows how teachers are already applying this technology in a pedagogical setting in something we refer to as the blended classroom.

Many people argue school classrooms have not changed from the old black and white photos that we see from schools in the 1950s. But while the basic set-up of the classroom remains the same – with students facing the teacher – teachers and students now have access to technology that gives them the opportunity to explore new teaching and learning possibilities.

Developed by innovative teachers who see blended learning as a way to answer pedagogical needs, the blended classroom combines the physical classroom with an online learning space in order to improve education for students. As a result, it is a mix of blended learning, formative assessment techniques and visible learning.

For more information on Blended Learning, view our Blended Learning & Learning Platforms: How You Can Start Blended Learning Tomorrow Whitepaper.


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