itslearning LMS Overview

The itslearning LMS (Learning Management System) is a cloud-based learning platform for teachers and students in K-12 and higher education.


The LMS That Creates More Time for Teaching

By working with your favorite cloud apps & streamlining daily tasks like grading

Microsoft Office &
G Suite Friendly
  1. Keep using with the cloud apps you love and all the files you’ve created.
  2. One-click creates individual G Suite or Microsoft
  3. Office assignment files for each student.
Reusable Courses
& Course Templates
  1. Embed best practices into course templates
  2. Share, remix & reuse instead of recreating
All-in-one Grading
  1. Rapid grading for all students from a single screen
  2. Provide instant feedback in context with audio, video, and/or text
  3. Automated LMS to SIS sync with grade passback
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The LMS That Keeps Learning On-Target

With standards-alignment throughout

Standards-aligned Plans
  1. Embed learning standards into lessons
Standards-aligned Resources
  1. A single search across all resources
  2. District-created, Open Education Resources (OER), Publisher content
  3. Filter based on standards, source, grade-level, and more
Standards-based Rubrics
  1. Inherit criteria or create it manually
  2. Optionally use scores and weighting
  3. Share your criteria with your peers
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The LMS That Improves Individual Learning

By providing teachers actionable insights to personalize instruction

360° Student Reports
  1. On-demand reports for student activity level, task progress, and standards mastery
Report Notifications
  1. Real-time student notification of new reports
Keep Mentors Informed
  1. On-demand reports for mentors
Create Individual
Learning Paths
  1. Provide personalized student journeys to mastery of standards
  2. Start from scratch or from a folder of existing material
  3. Create linear or adaptive paths
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The LMS That Empowers Learners

By encouraging students’ autonomy and ownership

Follow Personal Learning Paths
  1. Students follow their own personalized paths to mastery
  2. Additional support for those who need it
  3. Ability to jump ahead for those who are ready
Peer Assessment
  1. Enable students to conduct peer assessments
  2. Provide feedback, assessments against a rubric, and a proposed grade
  3. Prevented from changing submission status, mastery status, and running plagiarism checks
Self-guided Learning
  1. Vast, browsable content library
  2. Student portfolios for reflection and reference
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The LMS That Connects Everyone

With full mobility, portal access, and secure messaging throughout

Fully Mobile LMS
  1. Teaching and learning on-the-go
  2. Fully-featured
  3. iOS and Android versions
Safe & Secure Communication
  1. Mass messaging
  2. Moderated messages
  3. Parent portal
  1. Group assignments
  2. Co-developed courses
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