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Using the itslearning LMS to Achieve UDL Goals

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BCSC staff

In pursuit of a solution to support every way of learning, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) began a search for the perfect learning management system (LMS) to fit its needs.

BCSC needed an LMS that could support its commitment to using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles throughout the district’s schools. UDL is an instructional framework that recognizes the importance of student variability in learning and includes using multiple means of engagement, action, and expression, focusing on the elimination of any barriers to learning. BCSC was also in search of a platform that could be seamlessly integrated across schools and grade levels, ensuring consistency across the district.

“It’s opened up a whole new world where students can express what they know all in one location – be it through video, audio, or any of Google’s free tools.”

Nick Williams, Director of Technology, BCSC

The Right LMS for Universal Design for Learning

After BCSC went through a rigorous review process with all of its LMS options, itslearning stood out as the clear choice, as it ensured that all of the district’s UDL and technology consistency needs would be met. One of the strongest advantages BCSC saw in itslearning was the way it allows students to demonstrate mastery via videos, blogs, chats, and multiple other formats outside of traditional testing.

District leaders appreciated that the itslearning LMS was developed specifically for K-12 classrooms, offering streamlined curriculum management functionality and support for pedagogical frameworks like UDL.

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LMS Success at Bartholomew

BCSC piloted itslearning with a team of 50 lead teachers, then rolled out a full-scale LMS implementation along with a concurrent 1:1 initiative across grades 1-12 utilizing student Chromebooks and laptops.

After using the itslearning platform for a while, adoption rates are high, with about 98 percent of teachers and students using the system regularly. Most importantly, the LMS aligns well with the district’s strategic plan and decade-long commitment to UDL by enabling students to take control of their own learning in a way that keeps them engaged.

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Learn how BCSC used the itslearning LMS to achieve its UDL goals:

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