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Four Ways the itslearning LMS Keeps Parents Connected & Engaged

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Learning takes teamwork, and parents are a critical part of the team. For parents to stay engaged with their children’s learning, it helps if they have easy access to their student’s school information – from behavior, attendance and progress reports to details about upcoming lessons, tests and assignments. When everyone is on the same page, students are able to focus their energy on what’s most important in their education — learning!

Here are four ways you can use the itslearning LMS to stay connected and help your children be successful students:
  1. Access a full assessment record 

Gain access to grade information for every assignment, course and term, along with the same detailed feedback your children see on their assignments. Teachers can also share helpful notes and critical information about your children’s progress, making sure everyone stays on the same page in the assessment process.

  1. Get detailed progress reportsSon using laptop with parent

Go beyond the traditional gradebook and track your children’s performance over time with trends and progress reporting. Additionally, access individual learning reports to get a greater understanding of your child’s performance and how it relates to their personal learning goals.

  1. Be a part of the planning process

Know what’s coming up for your children with a fully integrated calendar where you can view everything scheduled on one easy interface. Get a sense of what your children will learn over the semester through plans and playlists, complete with assignments, assessments and course descriptions. Further understand your child’s goals with standards-alignment, showing you which standards your child will be held accountable to on a local, state and national level.

  1. Engage your young learner

Access information for all of your children in one platform, switching back and forth between each child without having to log out. Get in touch with your children instantly by sending a message through the itslearning platform. With its comprehensive mobile functionality, itslearning goes wherever you go, too.

To learn more about staying connected and engaged through the itslearning LMS, check out the itslearning for Parents datasheet.