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How One Login Helps to Seamlessly Integrate the itslearning LMS

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Young boy using computer to access all content through itslearning with one loginThe perfect digital learning ecosystem bundles all of your favorite apps, content and systems in one place. With the itslearning learning management system (LMS), seamless integration is the standard. The itslearning platform sits at the heart of education, connecting all the tools and resources teachers use every day. With itslearning, you can spend less time hunting for login information and more time improving student outcomes.

One Login for All of Your Content

You’ve already invested in instructional resources from publishers, curated content from open educational resources (OER) and created your own curriculum, and introducing a new LMS shouldn’t make all of these valuable resources obsolete. With the itslearning LMS, you can collect all of your resources and make them available in one centralized library. Teachers can access and use all LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge and SCORM compliant content seamlessly within a single platform, and all under one login that makes accessing all your content a breeze.

Use Your Favorite Tools

Teachers can engage students and increase productivity with one login for access to their favorite tools and apps. With the itslearning LMS, you can access Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Turnitin and more––all from one centralized platform.

Seamless SIS Integration

The itslearning LMS automates rostering and grade sharing with your Student Information System (SIS), saving teachers time and ensuring data consistency across the board. itslearning offers a variety of integration options to meet the needs of your institution, such as OneRoster, IMS-E, API and Clever. 

An LMS You Can Trust

Since itslearning has earned certifications for many leading industry protocols, the LMS can maximize the impact of your district’s technology investments on learning outcomes. Certification is a guarantee that content, tools and systems will work together effectively for the benefit of teachers, students and institutions.

To learn more about how the itslearning LMS can be integrated with a variety of other tools and platforms through one login, check out the itslearning integrations datasheet.