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Enhance Teachers’ Professional Learning with an LMS

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Your district could be losing tens of thousands of dollars simply by holding on to inefficient, ineffective systems, and professional learning platforms are no exception. With the itslearning next-generation learning management platform, you can use the same trusted digital learning environment to educate both students and teachers, keeping the focus on learning, not on logins.

The itslearning learning management system (LMS) is your one-stop shop to organize and manage functions for creating and delivering courses, assessments, standards management, grades and more. With itslearning, everyone in your school system can work efficiently, collaborate and communicate – all in one, simple interface that works well on a variety of devices – from Chromebooks to tablets, and smartphones to laptops.

The itslearning LMS can be a highly functional professional learning platform, offering teachers important professional development from the same platform they use to teach. Without the learning curve of a new system, teachers can spend less time figuring out the platform and more time teaching.

Here are some ways itslearning LMS can enhance professional learning

One Login

Easily transition from teacher to learner without having to leave the platform and with no additional licensing fees. Teachers will spend less time switching between accounts and more time on valuable teaching tasks and professional learning.

Best Practice Modeling

Model teaching in professional learning courses exactly how you want teachers to perform in their own classroom, including demonstrating best practices in assessment, flipped and blended learning, collaboration, personalized learning and competency-based demonstration of mastery.

Higher Adoption

Without having to learn how to use an entire new platform, teachers will be more motivated to log-in and use the professional learning platform. When teachers experience success with the system, they are more likely to encourage others to do the same.


Align professional learning units, lessons, assignments and assessments to professional standards, to give teachers a basis for the content they are studying.

Meaningful Feedback

Use standards-based rubrics to give feedback to teachers as you observe their progress or when they submit assignments.


Create a professional learning community where teachers can collaborate on content creation, mentor one another and share self-reflections and peer feedback. A community where teachers can connect, share and make advances in their personal learning paths enables teachers to grow and develop their skills.

Features of itslearning LMS for Professional Learning


The itslearning library allows teachers to share on a school, district and global level. Items can be tagged by professional standards and keywords, making it easy to search the library. Teachers can co-author and collaborate to create resources, and easily rate and review resources they’ve used from other teachers.

Course Templates

Courses can be created from templates, and any updates to the template are immediately reflected in existing courses. Templates can be created for teachers, students, administrators and parents, and can include a planner, resources, assessments, documents, standards and course settings.


Build out scope and sequence in the customizable, standards-aligned planner, with content directly from the itslearning library. Share and copy lessons in the planner across courses, and add assessments that are pre-aligned to lesson standards.

Communities and Courses

Develop content collaboratively in communities or courses. Create a professional learning community where teachers can share ideas, best practices and feedback. Allow teachers to upload video, audio or text to demonstrate the use of new strategies in the classroom.

Interaction and Reflection

Create Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for use in mentoring. Use ePortfolios for teacher self-reflection, sharing and feedback.

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