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Promoting Student Autonomy with the itslearning LMS

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Boy and girl learning with technology at home; student autonomy is boosted with an LMSAny learning platform is judged by one question: can students use it to learn successfully? With itslearning, the answer is a resounding YES! The itslearning platform helps promote student autonomy, encouraging students to take control of their own learning. The LMS is designed to support the ways students actually engage with material, and it includes features that best allow teachers to communicate with students and monitor progress.

Here are four ways the itslearning LMS promotes student autonomy:
  1. Gives Students Educational Ownership

Students can work together with built-in features to support group assignments as well as bulletin and discussion boards to promote conversation around the curriculum. Communication is easier than ever with instant messaging directly in the platform. Student autonomy in planning and goal-setting is supported by personalized calendars and automatic notifications for important assignments and communications.

  1. Helps individualize Learning

Students can understand their own progress with individual learning reports and a content recommendation engine that supports their learning path. When completing assignments, student autonomy is challenged with personalized assignments and resources that fit to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. itslearning also offers seamless integration with cloud tools, making assignment creation and submission simple from the start. 

  1. Improves the Learning Process

A sortable gradebook with passback engages student autonomy in keeping up with their assignments and grades. The itslearning platform also offers trends and progress reports that are shareable district-wide, so a deeper understanding of class and school success can be made. When courses are successful, educators can update, reuse and share content, lesson plans, and templates.

  1. Offers a Cloud-based Solution

A native mobile app makes itslearning accessible in its entirety from any device. The full range of features can be utilized by students and teachers alike on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Students have the autonomy to access the itslearning LMS from anywhere they need to, whether at school, home, or even on vacation.

To learn more about what the itslearning LMS can do to promote student autonomy, visit the Datasheet: itslearning for Students.