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Navigation Basics

The essential starting point. Learn the basics of itslearning navigation. Home page, courses, top-level menus.

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Adding Courses & Participants

If you’re not using a rostering solution, join this session to learn how to manually add courses and students with ease.

Plans, Part 1

Plans are the building blocks of itslearning. This webinar will show you the basics of how to create and set up a plan.

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Plans, Part 2

Set up your use of plans. This session will teach you how to use plans to deliver instructional resources and assignments to

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Add Video & Audio to Lessons

This session will show you how to create audio and video files on-the-fly to support instruction.

Using itslearning Reports to Monitor Your Students

We will take a deep dive into the Standards Progress Reports and the 360 Reports to help you stay in tune with your students as they navigate this virtual classroom.

Teaching Primary Students in a Virtual World

Moving teaching online for young children requires creativity and flexibility! If you teach primary age students, this webinar is for you. Join us for strategies to effectively engage and connect with your children in a virtual space as well as develop movement activities for offline completion while tracking online.

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Monday’s Lesson
A Map of Your Home
Shadow Tracking

Staying Engaged, Connected, & Moving in a Virtual World

You will learn strategies to conduct class meetings and discussions and develop highly engaging and creative activities for your students. In addition, you will learn how to keep your students moving in this virtual space with offline activities that you can track online!

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Student Interest Inventory
Understanding Plot
Elementary Scavenger Hunt

Meeting the Needs of ALL Students in a Virtual World

Do you have students who need accommodations and modifications in your class? Do you have questions about how to differentiate for your students? Would you like to see examples from teachers doing this virtually? Join this webinar to get tips and examples on how to meet the needs of all students in a virtual world.


Remote Learning for Parents: Helping Your Child Succeed in a Virtual World

Parents have found themselves front and center in the education of their children. Webinar focuses on key ways you can help your child learn and succeed in a virtual world. You will get tips for assisting your child in navigating the world of virtual learning, hear from other parents and how they are supporting their children, and have the opportunity to pose questions.

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Using Learning Paths in a Virtual World

Teachers and students have moved completely online. In the virtual world, it is important to have choices, such as a learning path, for completing course work. A learning path is a sequence of steps that leads the student to the understanding of a certain concept. In this webinar, you will learn how to create a learning path, when and why you might use a learning path, and view examples of how learning paths can be used in the virtual world.