Student-Focused Learning Management

When students actively own their education, achievement soars. With shared project spaces, instant messaging, loads of educational games and multimedia apps, and a personal news stream, itslearning LMS helps students work, share, and connect with teachers and classmates. At school, home, or anywhere in between.

  • Key Features
  • Key Benefits
  • Voice and choice: Teachers are able to allow students the flexibility to choose how they demonstrate mastery. With itslearning, students have a safe space for independent learning, and options to submit drawings, video, audio or other evidence of learning.
  • Personal feedback: Student-Teacher communication is flexible via preferred learning style by providing feedback on assignments and assessments via audio, video or text.
  • Ownership: Encourages participation and ownership by empowering students to develop portions of lessons, create surveys, and build tests.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device: Everything can be communicated, uploaded and delivered via the devices students use the most, including their phones.
  • Track personal growth with Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and Learning Objectives Progress reports
  • Collaborate with other students via groups, messages, project spaces and more
  • Peer assessments and immediate teacher feedback through a variety of assessment options
  • Progress is captured via personal dashboards, giving the student insight and providing visibility to teachers, parents, and mentors
  • Instant and secure messaging system – on all devices – safely connects students and teachers