We'll help you migrate existing content and data into our itslearning learning content management system.

Migration Services Migration services include pre-populated course with interactive content, such as files, videos, links, tests, surveys, and calendar events. Our robust activity management tools allow teachers to align assignments to learning objectives, add activities to the student's planner, track mastery, monitor student progress, and send grades to the gradebook. itslearning is an active member of IMS Global, and supports importing resources via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), common cartridge and thin common cartridges. We also support OneRoster, and have successfully integrated content from textbook companies as well as supplemental resource providers in schools across the globe. If you have any questions about implementation or content migration from your current learning content management system, our dedicated Content Integration team is happy to assist your district.

Push Method Some districts prefer to create a master course, and then share it automatically with every school. This “push” method ensures that all the participants in a course have access to the same resources regardless of which school in the district they attend. Itslearning’s learning content management system facilitates this methodology, by letting districts create course templates, which can then be pushed out district-wide. This promotes consistency in the delivery of the instructional materials but still gives teachers the ability to determine when to move on to the next unit based on his or her individual class performance. Our Services team works closely with the district to map the courses to the template so that updates are pushed out via our integration processes.

Pull Method This method of delivering curriculum provides a curriculum resource course complete with all the resources a teacher would need to instruct his/her class. The teacher can either self-enroll or be enrolled in this course as a teacher. By doing that, the teacher has access to copy any of the materials available in the course to his/her individual instructional course in the learning content management system. This course is a collaboration of teachers allowing them access, contribution and modification.