Clear vision. Quick wins. Total alignment.

itslearning LMS Implementation Services

A holistic, thoughtful LMS implementation plan is key to deriving maximum value from any technology investment. At itslearning, we have a singular focus on customer success. From top-level LMS implementation strategy, to detailed project plans, we are your partner at every step, helping you shape and realize your vision for education excellence.

Key to Successful LMS Implementations

  • Plan
  • Strategize
  • Execute
  • Review

Plan your strategic ambition and goals from all stakeholders

Technology is simply a means to an end. But, with proper planning and vision, technology investments can yield dramatic and accelerated results. During this step, we’ll confirm your strategic vision and desired “to-be” state based on interviews we’ll conduct with your team. For some organizations, this means a sharp focus on student outcomes or college-readiness; for others, future-proofing their technological investments. Regardless of your vision, you need a clear-sighted partner to help chart your course.


With a sound strategy and needs assessment in place, we can then map out our path to success. Here, the output is a short and long term phased implementation plan, with milestones, expected outcomes, and a tailored services approach that’s right-sized just for you.

Execute to get quick wins

With any project, it’s important to establish traction right away and deliver early successes for each group of stakeholders (students, teachers, administration). Our jointly developed plan will be built around the concept of getting quick wins to build momentum early. From this foundation, a positive track record will help maintain forward progress throughout the project.

Review outcomes

It’s always important to measure, review results, and make adjustments. During your implementation, we will plan regular touch point reviews to ensure that momentum is strong and outcomes are positive. We will ensure that your solution deployment stays in continuous alignment with your strategic goals and that you get maximum return on your investment.