Simple maintenance, optimum user experience

itslearning LMS Integration Services

Whether you need to share data with your Student Information System (SIS), data warehouse, or other system, we have you covered. All itslearning LMS integrations are done on a case-by-case basis and we work closely with you to develop and execute an integration plan that ensures the best possible process for you.

Export Toolkit The Export Toolkit allows you to export attendance, behavior and grades as XML files. You can also transfer files directly to an external system, and we have predesigned specifications for anyone wishing to implement a recipient SOAP-based web service.

Single sign-on (SSO) and Authentication We offer Single Sign-on as a standard, so your users need only one username and password for all school IT systems.

Organization API Organizations or third-party vendors can automate common tasks when integrating their services into itslearning.

User Provisioning By leveraging existing user objects and groups in other systems, your new users can log in to itslearning with their existing username and password. Courses can be automatically created and populated with teachers, students and content without time-consuming manual work.